Build your online location independent business in the health & beauty niche.

The Best Online Business for South Africans To Start in 2022

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Start your own organic beauty business in South Africa

“The South African skincare market was valued at USD 663.51 million in 2020, and it is projected to register a CAGR of 4.25% during the forecast period, 2021-2026.”

The organic beauty product market is growing globally as more and more people move away from large corporations and simplify their products and lower prices for better ingredients.

So how do you get started in this evergreen profitable industry, like big-name artists and musicians ( They have figured out that this is a profitable revenue stream )?

First, let’s look at a few business methods to avoid 99% of the time.

Affiliate Marketing

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with affiliate programs, we have a few of our own running that offer huge payouts – Kalkan Retreats

The main issue is you are building your business around somebody else’s product and platform, so you are never going to be able to grow your own brand or scale your business. Then you are at the mercy of the platform and product creator, who can at anytime decide to charge more or even remove you from the platform.

Brick & Mortar Stores

Again if possible avoid opening a physical store, especially after the global covid lockdown showed us that people will purchase online.

  1.  Expensive Rent РThe chances of you finding an affordable storefront in 2022 is extremely slim, and even if you do, you need to worry about another lockdown in the future.
  2. Inventory – You need to stock the shelves with products, this means that you have all your funds tied up in products that if they do not sell, you are running at a loss.
  3.  Staff РYou need staff to handle customers, inventory, cleaning, and a bunch of tasks that all eat into your profits.
  4. Transportation – You need to be at your store.

The list goes on, mental health, being away from friends, being owned by immovable stuff, security issues, and more.

The days of needing to have a physical store are long gone, you can run your business using your mobile device from anywhere in the world, we do.

How to start your online beauty business in 2022 using only your Mobile Phone & Social Media.

Before we start let’s quickly discuss White labeling & Dropshipping

White Label

This means that you can sell the manufacturer’s products under your own label and branding, this is a great way to build your own business, since at the end of the day the customer does not know that it is not your own product.

We offer white labeling, but we have taken it one step further and instead of white labeling our own products, we formulate your own unique product, allowing you to build your own brand around your own products truly.


Dropshipping is a straightforward concept that involves you not carrying any stock, instead, the manufacturer ships your products to your customer directly.

We offer drop shipping of your own branded white label products direct to your customer, without you having to carry any stock.

You save money and can focus on marketing your products and building relationships with your customers.

How to start your online beauty business in 2022

We have made it extremely easy to start your online business, even if you have a small budget.

  • Discuss your product formulation with our in-house formulator.
  • Decide on your packaging & branding.
  • Do your pricing & niche research. (We assist you with this).
  • We then provide you with mock-up product images for your marketing.
  • Market your products on your favorite platforms ( We will give you advice).
  • Your customer pays you – You keep your profits.
  • You then place the order with us – once we receive payment we ship the product to your customer under your brand.


All of this costs you nothing upfront.