Using E-Books as Marketing Tools

If you want to create buzz around your brand, build trust with your audience, and add more potential clients to your mailing list then your own eBook is the low cost answer.

Ebooks are valuable for your marketing because they don’t feel like marketing material.

Done right, your eBooks should provide value without any sales pitch, if you adopt that mindset, your eBook will overtime provide new clients at no extra cost to you.

The most difficult part of using eBooks for marketing is adopting the mindset of giving your best work away for free.

That, right there, is the draw for your audience. They get tons of value in exchange for nothing more than their name and email address.

Your eBook only has to solve one problem, no fluff, just actionable content that will take your reader from relating to the problem to solving the problem.

Ebooks are relatively inexpensive to produce.

We provide you with templates, content ideas and best practices once you sign up for one of our complete online business packages.

use ebooks to market your business

Why give away your best content?

The number one reason, especially if you are a new business is … Trust cannot be bought!!

Solving a problem with your best work, builds trust, shows your expertise and lets your reader wonder if this is your free stuff, how good is your paid stuff.

The better the value the more it will be shared, and it will drive new potential customers to your business.

What should you write about??

This is entirely up to you, we have proven formulas that we use

It does not matter where you are in your journey, to be able to provide value.

You can write about your experience and what not to do or what worked for you.

Expand on the problem and then step by step show how you overcame or what you learnt from the experience.

Be honest and authentic and I promise you, you will get tremendous value from your free eBook.

How to deliver your eBooks?

While you are giving your eBook away for free, you still need to receive some transactional value from your effort.

The best way to deliver your eBook is in exchange for an desired action from the visitor.

If you ( and you should ) are building an email list, then in exchange for a name and email address you give the eBook away.