100% Organic Beauty

Since we are directly connected to the source of our 100% certified organic beauty ingredients, we are able to formulate your own beauty products for you.

Using only the purest organic ingredients from our fair trade certified farms across the African continent.

You are in complete control of the ingredients used and the outcome that you wish to achieve with each product.

We have low minimum quantity orders and can also pack and ship products on your behalf as a whitelabel dropshipper.

This way you do not need to carry stock or deal with the day to day packaging and shipping.

  1. You market your product.
  2. Customer pays you.
  3. You place the order with us and give the shipping address.
  4. You keep your profits and we ship your product.

This way you get paid upfront and we white label ship your products, this is a win-win for all parties and allows you to focus on your brand and customers.


Start your own online beauty product business