3 Steps to Starting Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program.

A great way to generate more sales is to offer your products to your followers to promote for a reward.

Think about it:

  1.  The are already purchasing your products.
  2. They are passionate about them.
  3. They are authentic and trustworthy sales people to people that you would not be able to reach.

Creating your own affiliate marketing platform is not that difficult and we have one incorporated in our business systems as standard.

All you need to figure out is:

  • How do they qualify to become affiliates.
  • How much will they receive on a referral sale.
  • How will you pay them and how often.


start your affiliate marketing business

How do they qualify to become affiliates?

There are many different approaches that you could take, the one we suggest is the following:

Once they have made a purchase of one of your products, send them a thank you e-mail and explain your affiliate program (we will assist you with the templates).

Then make it easy for them to join your exclusive affiliate club.

How much should you pay affiliates?

This is entirely up to you, but if we use industry standards as a guide line for cosmetics & beauty products the commission payouts range between 15%-20%

I would start at 20% and give the top performers 25%-30% on reaching a certain target.

How will you pay your affiliates?

We find that the easiest and most cost effective method of making payouts is to use the local payment gateway and direct bank deposits – For South Africa we suggest using Yoco, if you have international affiliates then Wise is a great method, and you can earn referral fees from signing them up.

Then you can decide to make payouts monthly or bi-weekly.