start your own organic beauty product business


If you have ever wanted to start your own organic beauty product business, then you are in the right place.

We are the head office of 4 complimenting companies that combined give you all the tools and skills needed to create your own organic beauty products for free.

We also offer complete online platforms with 6 revenue streams included.

Yes, for free!

We are a white label organic beauty product ingredient exporter, with farms based across Africa, we give you access to our 100% organic ingredients and then drop ship them to your customers at no cost to you, you are in complete control of your products from bottle choice to ingredients.

Your Business Idea is Valid

The Process

Speak with our Formulators

Connect for a free consultation with our formulators and discuss your product ideas and audience. We formulate 100% organic beauty products for adults, kids and pets.

Decide on Your Branding

Create your branding, labels and packaging and we will use that for every product that we ship. We will never add our details on your products for pure white label dropshipping.

Market Your Products

You market your products and receive payment, once you have been paid you place the order by us and we ship your product to your customer, no stock needed or expensive outlay.

Additional Revenue Streams

Cappadocia Balloons in Turkey

Turkey Retreats

We also run custom retreats in Turkey & Bali, where we offer amazing commissions and deals. This is another lucrative revenue stream available to you at no charge.

Custom Apparel

Create your own apparel line, tailored to your niche and combine it with travel and beauty products, again we do not charge you anything upfront and dropship worldwide.

let's get started!

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