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We have evolved over the past 15 years from creating hand-coded.HTML websites to offering full-stack complete office automation.

My name is Robert Taylor, and I travel around the globe with my family chasing freedom.

For the past 5 years, we have been travel around the globe with our now 8-year-old boy, perfecting our own automation and sales funnels. While assisting countless other individuals and companies to do the same.

We live and breathe automation and have first-hand experience in it.

We implement automation and online marketing to allow us to travel the world, spending quality time as a family.

I draw from a background in FMCG sales & marketing, real estate, and e-commerce.

digital nomad family

We have been automating our business for many years, building the first-ever multilingual chatbot in Vietnam, and have been interviewed by countless piers in the automation space.

While others talk about automation, we essentially live it.

No long-winded sales pitches with extravagant terms, our purpose is to save you time and money.

To achieve that we create custom systems to ensure you achieve your goals.

We maintain three branches worldwide, that are staffed with experts in almost every field including our new pet projects involving VR & AR.

During the first worldwide covid-19 lock-down, we were blessed to be stuck in the Georgian mountains (Eastern Europe).

At the time we had dozens of corporate clients, within 6 months most of them had departed from us.

As scary as this was, it also showed we had moved away from the vision we started with.

We closed 3 online businesses and moved to Turkey, we have been over here for 7 months in the coastal town of Kusadasi, while we reboot our company.

A New Identity was needed.

Coming from Africa, we wanted an animal name but struggled to connect with any of the ones that we knew. While researching animals that display certain traits, we stumbled upon the wolverine.

What a badass creature. This is how BeSkunkbear was started.

Be a Skunkbear (wolverine), we want to work exclusively with people that possess these traits.

  1. Resilient.
  2. Not afraid of adversity.
  3. Intelligent.
  4. Future thinking.
  5. Different.

The better version of our company had to focus on providing more value than before while freeing our time, allowing us to charge less for more.

To do this we decided to automate the platform building process, reducing time and costs for us and our clients.

Freeing up our time to focus on sharing our skills and knowledge. We now have an automated system in place that handles the website creation, while we spend all our time showing you how to use your new tools to grow your business.

The goal is to ensure that as many “Skunkbears” as possible, achieve their own freedom, build a business that is future-proof and not affected by government mandates or external forces.

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Our complete business platform consists of the essential tools to ensure you can launch your online business within hours and with our assistance achieve your own personal freedom.


Everything that you want is on the other side of fear.

Your Knowledge + Our support = A Winning Combination